About Me

I am the wife to the most wonderful man God has ever created and a mother to one of the most amazing, spectacular and sweet boys walking the planet today.  I’m constantly learning and changing as a person, so it’s hard to describe who I am, but I try to be a good person.  I try to be Christ-like, although I find myself coming up a little short.  It doesn’t stop me from trying, though.  He’s a good role model and example to me, so I keep on trying!

The things I enjoy most in life besides my awesome, little family are music, books, hosting dinner parties, hanging out with friends, reading inspirational quotes and cooking/baking.  I like to cook because it’s my way of showing my love for someone.  Sometimes when I don’t know how to apologize or tell someone I miss them or love them, I cook for them.  I feel food opens doors to communication!  Who doesn’t love a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies with a big glass of milk while talking about how much they struggled throughout their day.  It just makes you feel better!

I decided to write this blog in order to help me express some of the emotions and confusions that I feel while learning to live with a chronic illness.  It’s not easy to understand the things I feel at times, and so I thought if I had a chance to write it down, I might be able to make a little sense out of the chaos in my mind.


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I believe this illness automatically enrolls us in a graduate level curriculum for a degree in “Becoming.” Through this illness, we get the opportunity to draw close to Christ and work on developing: patience, love, trust, hope, charity, etc. in a way healthy people may not. From an eternal perspective, this illness is a tremendous blessing.


  2. Nice to meet you and Thank you for following me .Life will give us rocks so we have to those rocks and say to life. I am strong and take your rock back.. Have a nice day

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  3. In your opinion as a chronic illness sufferer, what is the difference in chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia : )


    • Hmmm tough question; I have been told I have FM and CFS, which I am told are chronic illnesses. Maybe because they’ve labeled me it’s then considered a chronic illness rather than saying chronic pain? But I also can confirm that I live in chronic pain every day, to varying degree’s. The question for me is whether I buy the FM and CFS diagnosis. Sometimes I believe it but other times I’m not so sure. All I know is that I hurt all the time and no one can seem to really tell me why. Personally, I think doctors are clueless most if the time 😛


      • Oh my someone just like me, I’m not sure I buy the CFS chronic pain chronic illness. So they don’t know what it is causing this so they call it one if the ones I mentioned? I’m skeptical, just like you.

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    • Thanks! I can only imagine how challenging it must be for those who have to “watch” us live in pain on a daily basis. It must be such a feeling of hopelessness but I am sure that your efforts to understand and support do not go unnoticed! ☺️


      • No, those who live with pain on a daily basis are with “challenges” beyond my imagination. Never do I feel hopeless, rather hopeful to witness your courage. Please know that you are loved and supported, always.


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